Food Preservations

fod preservationsFood preservations is the process of preventing the food from spoiling and wasting. In preservation, maintaining the nutritional value, texture and flavour of food are very important. Doing food preservations also prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and other microbes surviving in our food that causes the food to easily spoil. Preservation of food is the oldest technique used by us. As far as food is concerned, we humans really need food to be able to survive. So in order to survive, we have to learn some techniques in getting food anytime. This will also stop food shortage all over the world. Today, there are lots of ways on how to preserve food; you will just choose what is convenient for you.

There are many methods in preservations. The different techniques used today are curing, drying, canning, freezing, smoking, salting, pickling, pasteurizing, fermenting, chemical preservation, carbonating and jellying. These preservation processes has only one aim, to protect food from micro organisms. Saving the nutrients in the food is very important also. There are chemical preservatives commonly used in preservation; benzoates, nitrates, sulphites and sorbic acid. These chemicals are not harmful to us. In all of the techniques, canning is the most cost effective and life extending food method. It can lasts up to several years when canned food is properly made. Proper boiling, sterilizing and sealing are the main factors in canning to make the food last longer. All these methods are used by all processing industries to supply processed or preserved foods for daily consumption.

Some say that food preservations are difficult to do. All things that you are not yet familiar with is really hard to do at first, but if you study it carefully, it’s very simple and fun to do. Familiarizing you with the different methods of  preservation is the first step to know. Knowing each and every advantages and disadvantages of preserving food is important. Considering the factors in every method must be known like space, climate, equipments, costs and availability of food are very much important. If you know all of these facts, you can easily begin preserving food in your own way. You can even share it with close friends and relative

Food preservations has been part of our lives ever since, especially nowadays, food crisis is getting worst. Food is very essential to us, because if you don’t eat you will starve, get weak and even worst, may die. That’s why many people are really trying hard to discover different sources of food. It is good that as time passes by more and more new techniques are being discovered in preserving food for it can save many lives, isn’t these methods so economical?

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