Canning Baby Food

There are lots of benefits that parents will get out of making and canning baby food at home. Plus, the process is really easy. With the added preservatives in out off the rack baby foods, it is definitely safer and more lucrative to make your own baby food. The best thing about it is that you will be able to regulate the quality, content, quality and you can store them in safe containers which can come in sizes that you prefer.

As soon as you have chosen the vegetables and fruits which you are going to can, make sure that you have washed your hands as well as the foods to be canned before canning baby food. In this way, you are able to thoroughly get rid of germs, dirt and pesticides which might have been left on the fresh produce.

By then, you are all set to cook farm or garden fresh fruits and veggies. Some people who are also into canning baby food suggest steaming of the produce first. In this manner, you will not lose the food’s vitamins or minerals content. Additionally, you can boil them. Nonetheless, be sure to take note of your cook time. It must be based upon your baby’s age.

According to experts, the most ideal foods for home canning are the foods with high acid content. The high acidity helps to guarantee a reduction of bacterial and other contaminants in the food. The water bath technique of canning baby food is ideal for fruits or tomatoes. On the other hand, some agricultural sources do not encourage canning tomatoes through water method as some tomato varieties are not as acidic. To securely can them in boiling pressure canner, it is best to add in citric acid or lemon juice.

Of course, you do not want your baby’s food to be overly mushy especially if your little one has just begun taking solid foods. Place the food in a food processor or blender and puree. You will notice that it will provide a thicker consistency. Blend food until you are able to obtain the consistency that you desire for your baby and his age. Always refer to the processing time. It is also recommended to use the freezer or ice cube tray technique since it is most convenient and the safest method of canning baby food at home.

You can put the food in the strainer in order to eliminate peelings or seeds which were not blended in. You can either add salt or sugar or you can choose not to since babies do not actually need them as much. When canning baby food, old or previously used baby food containers and jars are of great use. But be sure that the bottles when through sterilization and that you prefer to do the process in a pressure canner in order to prevent botulism.

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